Friday, November 21, 2008

Sooo Close

I hate Gnolls.

This is not run-of-the-mill hatred, by the way. You know, the kind of hatred you have for a hangnail, The View, people who read the paper while driving, or when the President is on TV right during that Heroes episode you haven't seen yet. No, this is the kind of hatred reserved for child molesters and oil company CEOs. The kind of white-hot hatred you typically feel after someone has walked up in the club and spit in your drink.

Yes, that much hate. Why, might you ask? Well...

So there I was, minding my own business while picking mushrooms for the Apothecary in Tarren Mills for some of his special recipes. Naturally, these mushrooms only grow in one field in the entire world, and this farm is overrun by Gnolls. When I rolled up and saw them I was like, "Crap. Not this again." The first Gnoll encounter back at level 9-10 or so was bad enough. However, I didn't have Revenge, Shield Block, etc. back then, so I figured I could take mobs roughly my level or slightly above, even if they were Gnolls, by myself...Right? >_> <_<

After the 4th time I wiped I gave up and went to kill things in Thousand Needles. Stupid mudslinging, item-camping bastards. So, the moral of the story is if you're a tank with no helaing abilities, don't try to confiscate a Gnoll's stash without some backup from 5.0. Preferably something with a quick heal/res spell.

In other news, I'm a bar away from 28, and would have been there before I logged last night if it weren't for the Gnolls. Grrr.


ArmsandFury said...

The art of the pull bro!

Other than stats for tanking wich normally comes in the form of a ranged gun these days, I would say to pickup a throwing blade of some sort to pull to you. The nice thing about the throw waapons is that they don't require replenishment.

Walk up to the outermost Gnoll and pigstick his ass from afar. Keep working your way into the mob territory in this way.

For mushrooms!!

Kusamoto said...

Yeah, I have a decent gun I use for provoking, but the problem isn't that I can't take them one-on-one, it's that the wander in such weird arcs that I'll provoke one and another will happen by and say, "Hey! Fresh meat!" while I'm ganking the Shaman. I'll try again tonight. I only need three more shrooms for the quest.