Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's the song of the day + My very first tag!

So I was filling out my NCAA bracket and this song came to me. I blame Megs. Enjoy!

The Great Lament of the Newbie Raider (as sung to the music from "One Shining Moment"):

*Intro music sung by the Thunder Bluff Phlegmatical Chorus...cleanup crew courtesy of Undercity Waste Management*

The purples drop
There you go
You’re “need”ing for your life
But DKP blows
Another raid
Has come and passed
Still in quest blues
Murlocs can kick your ass
(but with) One shining epic
The things we could do
One shining epic
To prove we’re not n00bs

But the raid is long
The loot so-so
Stupid Grobb
Tore you a new hole
No party wipes
Just your toon in shreds
Your “friends” all laugh
And jump on your head
(just) One shining epic
I’d sell my first born
One shining epic
No seriously…I’m really not torn

Feel the blaze of the screen
Feel the wind from heat sinks
“Ugh, Malygos again?”
Stomped fast as you can blink…

*Hammer dulcimer, banjo, and bagpipe solo*

And while you’re pwned
Your head you’ll bash
When you hear, “[Red Sword of Courage]??!
Man, shard that tank trash!”
(aarrgghhh!!!!) One shining epic
Not 4, 9, or 3
One shining epic, you QQ…
(please) One shining epic
Guess we’ll go PvP (zing!)
One shining epiiiiiiiiic…

Tagging time...
Ratters, Darraxus, Jed (yes, you, Nakama), Dechion, and, of course, Megs from /oom. Take your favorite uplifting sports-type tune, do terrible WoW-related things to it, and post it for the world to experience...ciao for now.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If it Looks Like a Tank, Walks Like a Tank, Holds Aggro Like a Tank...

So in celebration of dinging 72, here's a quick photo op in UC with my new gear.

In addition to the Tundra Pauldrons, Boots of the Unbowed Protector, and Disturbing Giant Gauntlets, I picked up a Cobalt Helm for cheap tanking fun, tossed a bunch of Borean Armor Kits over everything that a guildie was nice enough to ship me, and finally got my Fiery on for the Iron Grip Shortsword of the Champion. My DEF is sitting at 429 (ok, not great...but better), STA is over 1k, armor at 14.3k, and health at 15.2k. All in all, we're coming along.
Although Tsuri hasn't been too thrilled with the quest choices lately...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend Update


Ran both Drak'Thalon and Utgarde Keep this weekend, which was a good time. I did quite a bit of boss tanking in UK and off-tanked the rest of the time. I think I'm getting better at it; we didn't wipe in either instance and manhandled UK. Got some kickin' quest rewards from UK, in particular, as well as some shoulders and gloves for my budding DPS set.


I'm less than a bar from 72 after running almost all the Borean Tundra quest chains and starting on Howling Fjord. The Wyrmrest Accord catch-a-drake daily and the Walrusman "we need food" dailies pile on the XP and are a guaranteed 40k every day.


Just hit 400 mining last night, blacksmithing is still lagging at 310. However, I'm now a GrandMaster EMT with 405 in First Aid.

Vengeance is mine!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Nexus Run

Quick update (and since it's from work, no pics...sorry)...

Finally got to run my first Northrend instance last night, regular Nexus. I think this was one of the more fun instances I've run so far, even if it started out with bad vibrations. Lemme' splain...

So the more experienced guildie who had offered to run me through shoots me an IM asking if I'm good to go. I say sure, ready to tank whenever she's ready. After a few questions (such as "what's your def at?" which, at the time was 378...so not good), she says that someone else should tank instead; at which point I'm thinking, "fantastic...what precisely am I going to do other than get in the way?" I mean I leveled Tsuri as protection all the way from level 12 on. DPS? What's that? And is it my fault that everything I picked up in Outlands and the greens from BT were all pally plate? It's what the game gave me, man.

Well, I stomp on my pride, stick on the helm of nose-smushyness, and accept the summons, pretty much accepting that we're going to wipe a lot because we'll be effectively a man down for the instance, since everyone else is 73 or higher and I have no clue how to do anything other than draw aggro.

In retrospect, I needn't have worried. The DK tank was very good, the healing was awesome, and I discovered that I can actually do quite a bit of damage when pressed into a DPS role (I hit a couple of crits for over 2k on Revenge and HS). The fact that I was tossing 5 sunders on the minibosses I'm sure helped, but the rest of the guildies having a cohesive plan of attack and experience with the dungeon was the difference. Our only wipe was on Keristraza just as we killed her, and it wasn't even a full party wipe. I probably wouldn't have wiped, either, if I had realized the whole "you have to keep moving" bit meant jumping in place right next to the MT. I was even able to draw Keri's aggro on to me to fuel the Revenge+Devastate+Shield Bash+HS idocy.

So what started out as dissappointment quickly turned really fun. I'm certain I made a ton of noobish mistakes, but it made me feel better that the MT made a few, as well (she typically plays DPS or healer alts, and very well, but has only tanked a little, apparently...still really good, though). I was even able to pick up some DPS shoulders in addition to the absolutely badass tank gear quest rewards. The Tundra Pauldrons, in particular, are amazing good.

It was actually kind of refreshing to not have to stress about watching out for everyone else, checking mana pools, seeing who I needed to Intercept to keep alive...and I'm glad experienced people were running the show. I would have been sooooo lost in there.

Things to remember for next time:

• Vigilance on the healer for boss fights.
• Abuse defensive Charge to keep the hate flowing through me.
• Commanding Shout to buff the party before the last battle.
• TRINKETS DUMMY! You picked up all those +HP trinkets for a reason!

Pics of the new hotness later this evening...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weekend Update, Part Deux

OK, so now that that is out of my system...here's what really went down...


I gave Blackrock a shot to see if I could solo the Jenkins achievement. Everything was going fine until I ran into 5 of the caster mobs that summon yojimbo to take all the pain simultaneously. Non-AoE me at 68 vs. 10 50-something elite mobs? Fail. I'll give it another shot when I get to 75 or so. I did get all the Nexus chain quests, however, so my guildmates are going to be nice enough to run me through a regular, vanilla version of it on Wednesday.


This one should be obvious, as the below post indicates. Leveling went swimmingly over the weekend. I am super, uber-glad I can now look at, and actually half-ass afford, some of the 70-only purples I've been drooling over on the AH for months and researching where they drop at. Additionally, I took a little time to level up Fujimaro a bit and got him his first pet (a lashtail red Raptor from Durotar). I named him Stelios since, when I found him, his aggro radius was ridiculous and the first thing he did when he ran at me was Savage Rend. Apparently, he is looking for a beautiful death. No sense of self-preservation FTW!

Tsanuri is still stuck at 13. I swear I haven't forgotten you guys, Jed! I'll be jumping back to her later in the week to at least get her to 15 or 16.


I got Tsuri's first aid up to Outlands max on Friday night, so now I just need to find the Northrend trainer and start making Frostweave stuff. Cooking is still way low, but I did break down and farm a ton of Thorium to get Blacksmithing up to 291. I'm probably going to do another Silithus run tonight to get it to 300 and then pay Outlands a visit for training and farming Fel Iron. Mining is progressing nicely; I should be at about 400 in short order.


Does anyone else think that Bor'Gorok outpost in Borean Tundra sounds like somewhere the Swedish Chef would hang out? I half expected a Dwarf wearing a floppy chef's hat to be there handing out cooking quests.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Update

'Nuff said...