Friday, March 6, 2009

Nexus Run

Quick update (and since it's from work, no pics...sorry)...

Finally got to run my first Northrend instance last night, regular Nexus. I think this was one of the more fun instances I've run so far, even if it started out with bad vibrations. Lemme' splain...

So the more experienced guildie who had offered to run me through shoots me an IM asking if I'm good to go. I say sure, ready to tank whenever she's ready. After a few questions (such as "what's your def at?" which, at the time was not good), she says that someone else should tank instead; at which point I'm thinking, "fantastic...what precisely am I going to do other than get in the way?" I mean I leveled Tsuri as protection all the way from level 12 on. DPS? What's that? And is it my fault that everything I picked up in Outlands and the greens from BT were all pally plate? It's what the game gave me, man.

Well, I stomp on my pride, stick on the helm of nose-smushyness, and accept the summons, pretty much accepting that we're going to wipe a lot because we'll be effectively a man down for the instance, since everyone else is 73 or higher and I have no clue how to do anything other than draw aggro.

In retrospect, I needn't have worried. The DK tank was very good, the healing was awesome, and I discovered that I can actually do quite a bit of damage when pressed into a DPS role (I hit a couple of crits for over 2k on Revenge and HS). The fact that I was tossing 5 sunders on the minibosses I'm sure helped, but the rest of the guildies having a cohesive plan of attack and experience with the dungeon was the difference. Our only wipe was on Keristraza just as we killed her, and it wasn't even a full party wipe. I probably wouldn't have wiped, either, if I had realized the whole "you have to keep moving" bit meant jumping in place right next to the MT. I was even able to draw Keri's aggro on to me to fuel the Revenge+Devastate+Shield Bash+HS idocy.

So what started out as dissappointment quickly turned really fun. I'm certain I made a ton of noobish mistakes, but it made me feel better that the MT made a few, as well (she typically plays DPS or healer alts, and very well, but has only tanked a little, apparently...still really good, though). I was even able to pick up some DPS shoulders in addition to the absolutely badass tank gear quest rewards. The Tundra Pauldrons, in particular, are amazing good.

It was actually kind of refreshing to not have to stress about watching out for everyone else, checking mana pools, seeing who I needed to Intercept to keep alive...and I'm glad experienced people were running the show. I would have been sooooo lost in there.

Things to remember for next time:

• Vigilance on the healer for boss fights.
• Abuse defensive Charge to keep the hate flowing through me.
• Commanding Shout to buff the party before the last battle.
• TRINKETS DUMMY! You picked up all those +HP trinkets for a reason!

Pics of the new hotness later this evening...


Darraxus said...

Once you get to about 73, go to Zul Drak and do the Ragemane's Flipper quest for an awesome tanking weapon. That weapon lasted me until 80 when I got the Red Sword.

Kusamoto said...

Right now (if you didn't check the armory page and see it), I'm rocking the Iron Grip Shortsword of the Champion, or somesuch name, which has been freaking amazing so far. Hits for a ton and gives me really good stat bonuses for a green. Having said that, I never turn down more anger.

Nakama said...

If you need any sort of pointers for tanking gear, let me know, I do okay with Nakama. ;)


Nakama said...

Also, for note, levelling would go a lot faster for ya if you were Fury and then started actually collecting tank gear through heroics... :)