Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's the song of the day + My very first tag!

So I was filling out my NCAA bracket and this song came to me. I blame Megs. Enjoy!

The Great Lament of the Newbie Raider (as sung to the music from "One Shining Moment"):

*Intro music sung by the Thunder Bluff Phlegmatical Chorus...cleanup crew courtesy of Undercity Waste Management*

The purples drop
There you go
You’re “need”ing for your life
But DKP blows
Another raid
Has come and passed
Still in quest blues
Murlocs can kick your ass
(but with) One shining epic
The things we could do
One shining epic
To prove we’re not n00bs

But the raid is long
The loot so-so
Stupid Grobb
Tore you a new hole
No party wipes
Just your toon in shreds
Your “friends” all laugh
And jump on your head
(just) One shining epic
I’d sell my first born
One shining epic
No seriously…I’m really not torn

Feel the blaze of the screen
Feel the wind from heat sinks
“Ugh, Malygos again?”
Stomped fast as you can blink…

*Hammer dulcimer, banjo, and bagpipe solo*

And while you’re pwned
Your head you’ll bash
When you hear, “[Red Sword of Courage]??!
Man, shard that tank trash!”
(aarrgghhh!!!!) One shining epic
Not 4, 9, or 3
One shining epic, you QQ…
(please) One shining epic
Guess we’ll go PvP (zing!)
One shining epiiiiiiiiic…

Tagging time...
Ratters, Darraxus, Jed (yes, you, Nakama), Dechion, and, of course, Megs from /oom. Take your favorite uplifting sports-type tune, do terrible WoW-related things to it, and post it for the world to experience...ciao for now.

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