Tuesday, January 27, 2009

He Got Next?

So now that Tsuri's in Outlands and the endgame is in sight, I am already thinking about who gets leveled next. I have a few choices, all of which are fun in their own way, but I haven't really settled on one in particular yet. Hopefully you kind, gentle readers out there can assist me (and take the decision-making process out of my hands...shirking responsibility FTW). So, here's a quick dossier of who's available:

Name: Fujimaro
Faction: Horde
MO: Hunter
Race: Orc
Server: Silverhand
Tradeskills: Leatherworking & Skinning
Current Level: 9
Benefits: Hunters are still EZ mode, even with the BM nerf, and it's really nice being able to pay attention to just one or two things in battle vs. the 50 different things you need to worry about with a tank.
Detriments: BM, what I wanted to get into, got smacked with the errata anvil really hard. Not sure about MM or SV as a main type, really.
Favorite Quote: "I'm old, but you're dead. I win."

Name: Richhard
Faction: Horde
MO: Warlock
Race: Forsaken
Server: Silverhand
Tradeskills: None chosen
Current Level: 5
Benefits: Dude...it's an undead Warlock named Richard! How can you go wrong? Plus the racial abilities of the Forsaken are still the best in the game, IMHO.
Detriments: I've tried Warlocks before (the failed Tsuko experiment) with very little success. Getting my mind wrapped around the squishy world is difficult.
Favorite Quote: "I...like...to...kill...things. What part of that is difficult to understand?"

Name: Kusamoto
Faction: Horde
MO: Paladin
Race: Blood Elf
Server: Silverhand
Tradeskills: None chosen
Current Level: 2
Benefits: Pallys, in general, are pretty powerful and flexible. I can DPS, tank, heal, whatever. This I like.
Detriments: I really can't stand Blood Elves as a general rule. Not sure why; playing one rubs me the wrong way. Plus, their racial abilities and survivability factor are not good, and the starting location sucks for quest leveling.
Favorite Quote: "Better to die for something than live for nothing."

Name: Tsanuri
Faction: Alliance
MO: Shaman
Race: Draenai
Server: Blackhand
Tradeskills: Mining & Engineering
Current Level: 10
Benefits: I rolled up this toon so I could mob around with my boys from the Swift Sword, and ended up liking the class really well. Shamans are a nice mix of Priest and Warrior, and the space goat racial heal is very cool.
Detriments: I wouldn't be able to roll with my local friends on Silverhand very often, except for raiding and heroics with Tsuri.
Favorite Quote: "Wait, don't tell me. The ship crashed again, didn't it?"

So each choice has its good points and bad, and I'm really torn as to which one should be my secondary focus after 80ing Tsuri. Please shoot me a reply with which you think would be the logical next choice.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Time to Make the Donuts!

Well, here I am...for better or worse. The Dark Portal. The end of my time on Azeroth, for at least 10 seasons. A new beginning for me as a tank. I hope I'm ready for this. For posterity's sake (and to take a page from Kinnavieve's book), here's how I looked going in (ignore the sword, I've got a new one; basic stats nearly unchanged, except damage is now 220-270):

Soon to be old and busted:

True to form, I ran trough the portal with reckless abandon, luckily with a guide, and soon found myself flying over a blasted wasteland of doom to end up in the end-all, be-all of Outlands...Scenic Shattrath. Isn't Aldor Rise lovely at this time of night?

More to come soon, I am sure...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009




It's just a number. It means nothing. Well, maybe not nothing numerogically speaking...

57; 5+7; 12; 1+2; 3

3, in classic numerology, was the perfect number. 3 represented harmony, balance, prosperity. In the Indian Vedic traditions, the number 3 as a name number meant artistic, and having the ability to pull society up through idealistic contributions. In Life Path numerology, 3 was reserved for those people with endless wells of creative energy and optimism.

Closer to home, 3 is the number of times a President has not won the popular vote but been elected by the Electoral College. 3 is the number of Series' the BoSox have won. We have 3 traffic signals, 3 branches of government, the big 3 automakers, 3 Blind Mice, and 3 Little Pigs.

So I guess, as a number, 57 could be worse. It adds up to a lot of things when you break it down numerogically. But...no matter how many different ways you add, subtract, or divide it...

57 does not equal Outlands. :-(

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When nothing Happens...

Been awhile since I've posted...apologies. Annnnnnd I have nothing WoW-related to say. But, here's an amusing email conversation my wife and I had regarding the possibility of going to Vegas for vacation. Enjoy...

Wife: I feel soso about Vegas. But I have heard you can get some really good deals with Hotel and food there. There just isn't much there that appeals to me.

Me: Barry Manilow! All the time!
Otherwise, if we aren't gambling, meh

W: Ooh My Gosh...BARRY?...WHOOT! yeah, not much of a gambler......I think we should see what kind of return we are going to get and bonus you are going to get before we consider going anywhere.

M: ......killjoy......

W: Oh man.....did I have to be the practical one? sorry.
We could get some cat sand, wine, and something to make the bathtub bubble and pretend we have Hawaii in the bathroom. Would that be considered a staycation or just sad?

M: I think that would be considered a desperate cry for help.

W: And a klingon drink at the Star Trek experience isn't?

M: No...that's made of awesome.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Tsuri Update

This will probably be in my Top 5 for 2009...

Turns out I was a day later dinging 50 than I anticipated, but oh well. I'm there, and that's what counts. For posterity, I figured I might as well post this here, too...