Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When nothing Happens...

Been awhile since I've posted...apologies. Annnnnnd I have nothing WoW-related to say. But, here's an amusing email conversation my wife and I had regarding the possibility of going to Vegas for vacation. Enjoy...

Wife: I feel soso about Vegas. But I have heard you can get some really good deals with Hotel and food there. There just isn't much there that appeals to me.

Me: Barry Manilow! All the time!
Otherwise, if we aren't gambling, meh

W: Ooh My Gosh...BARRY?...WHOOT! yeah, not much of a gambler......I think we should see what kind of return we are going to get and bonus you are going to get before we consider going anywhere.

M: ......killjoy......

W: Oh man.....did I have to be the practical one? sorry.
We could get some cat sand, wine, and something to make the bathtub bubble and pretend we have Hawaii in the bathroom. Would that be considered a staycation or just sad?

M: I think that would be considered a desperate cry for help.

W: And a klingon drink at the Star Trek experience isn't?

M: No...that's made of awesome.

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