Wednesday, January 21, 2009




It's just a number. It means nothing. Well, maybe not nothing numerogically speaking...

57; 5+7; 12; 1+2; 3

3, in classic numerology, was the perfect number. 3 represented harmony, balance, prosperity. In the Indian Vedic traditions, the number 3 as a name number meant artistic, and having the ability to pull society up through idealistic contributions. In Life Path numerology, 3 was reserved for those people with endless wells of creative energy and optimism.

Closer to home, 3 is the number of times a President has not won the popular vote but been elected by the Electoral College. 3 is the number of Series' the BoSox have won. We have 3 traffic signals, 3 branches of government, the big 3 automakers, 3 Blind Mice, and 3 Little Pigs.

So I guess, as a number, 57 could be worse. It adds up to a lot of things when you break it down numerogically. matter how many different ways you add, subtract, or divide it...

57 does not equal Outlands. :-(

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