Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weekend Update, Part Deux

OK, so now that that is out of my system...here's what really went down...


I gave Blackrock a shot to see if I could solo the Jenkins achievement. Everything was going fine until I ran into 5 of the caster mobs that summon yojimbo to take all the pain simultaneously. Non-AoE me at 68 vs. 10 50-something elite mobs? Fail. I'll give it another shot when I get to 75 or so. I did get all the Nexus chain quests, however, so my guildmates are going to be nice enough to run me through a regular, vanilla version of it on Wednesday.


This one should be obvious, as the below post indicates. Leveling went swimmingly over the weekend. I am super, uber-glad I can now look at, and actually half-ass afford, some of the 70-only purples I've been drooling over on the AH for months and researching where they drop at. Additionally, I took a little time to level up Fujimaro a bit and got him his first pet (a lashtail red Raptor from Durotar). I named him Stelios since, when I found him, his aggro radius was ridiculous and the first thing he did when he ran at me was Savage Rend. Apparently, he is looking for a beautiful death. No sense of self-preservation FTW!

Tsanuri is still stuck at 13. I swear I haven't forgotten you guys, Jed! I'll be jumping back to her later in the week to at least get her to 15 or 16.


I got Tsuri's first aid up to Outlands max on Friday night, so now I just need to find the Northrend trainer and start making Frostweave stuff. Cooking is still way low, but I did break down and farm a ton of Thorium to get Blacksmithing up to 291. I'm probably going to do another Silithus run tonight to get it to 300 and then pay Outlands a visit for training and farming Fel Iron. Mining is progressing nicely; I should be at about 400 in short order.


Does anyone else think that Bor'Gorok outpost in Borean Tundra sounds like somewhere the Swedish Chef would hang out? I half expected a Dwarf wearing a floppy chef's hat to be there handing out cooking quests.

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