Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When Characters Come to Life

So I was tooling around with good 'ol Tsuri last night, killing some stuff, mining nodes, and generally just having fun while waiting to ding, when I realized something: This wasn't the character I had originally intended it to be.

Oh, sure, I had made a warrior simply to be an easy way to learn the game, but as with every character I have ever created for any RPG, I had a basic backstory, general personality, and specific goals in mind. Originally, I was trying to design an antiheroic undead warrior who, while he could not remember who he had been in life, still revered the trappings of humanity. Sort of a noble villain like the Operative out of Serenity.

Boy, was I off. Tsuri's a roughneck.

I don't know if it was the combination of mining and blacksmithing that did it, his penchant for wearing whatever armor he can find that gives him a higher survivability rate no matter how ghetto it looks, or his horse that kinda' reminds me of a broke-ass 1978 El Camino. Something did it, though, and I don't think it was me. It just happened. He just turned into the kind of guy that would walk into the bar, wearing his oilstained bluejeans and Caterpillar hat on backwards, to stare at all the hawt little Blood Elf Priests, but end up going home with the Orc Druidess because she was more fun. He's every Pennsylvania coalminer you've ever run into.

And it really didn't start out that way, it just sort of happened. I find it a little disturbing. Cool, yet vaguely unsettling.


kuroyume said...

Well, most Matsu are just cannon fodder anyway, especially male ones :P(L5R player here, and a Crane to boot)

Anglachel, aka Kakita Kuroyume

Kusamoto said...

Your nerd blog is linked, Sir. Although it looks like it hasn;t been updated in...um..awhile ;)

kuroyume said...

you mean my blogspot blog? i haven't used that in ages...

I mostly blog on meatshield.info now

Kusamoto said...

ah-ha. Got it. You are linked, Sir!