Monday, February 2, 2009

Postcards from the Edg-AIIIEEEEEeeeeeeee.....

Looky look! Tsuri sent me a card! How nice of him. Not sure how he got that picture on the front, but it's very epic-looking...

Holy crap! I didn't realize how freakin' tough critters out here would be. One second I'm king of the hill, straight murderin' Lich servants, Scourgies, and huge bugs. The next? Gettin' gored in the junk by some giant Javelina! WTF??
Well, it ain't all bad. After I got my bearings, the Orcs in a lovely little Hamlet called Thrallmar (not too inventive, are they?) gave me a job killing the various Scourgies that are runnin' all over the place. They neglected to tell me about the Fel Reaver, though. Two words: Tsuri pate'.

No, I am most definitely not hiding from the Reaver. I'm performing tactical reconnaisance...from extreme distance.

This place sucks so bad even the ghosts try to kill you. All I did was run past them, too. Wasn't even gonna' mess with them, until they decided to mess with me. Then I had to regulate, yo (like my impression of the Pally circle of death?).

Luckily, thanks to some work helping elements of thier forces take vengeance on the Fel Orcs that slaughtered them, I was able to make them see the error of their ways...and then they made me their King. All shall serve the Forsaken! BWA-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ha ha...ha....ahem.

Yeah, that's me and three Alliance DKs rolling on Arazzius. What? Hey, the enemy of my enemy and all that jive. Might as well at least try to be diplomatic. Additionally...DK's!: When it absolutely, positively needs to fucking die this very second, accept no substitute (and all the hordies were apparently passed out for the night).

All in all, I've been too busy to notice the suckage goin' on out here too much, what with being sent on seek-and-destroy missions against errant Voidwalkers, fortifying our defenses against the Alliance, and running messages back and forth to Thrall himself in Orgrimmar. Plus, the local General has been giving me some totally stompin' armor for being his Mr. Wolf. I've even gained enough strategic know-how to make it halfway to my 64th season.
Only a few loose ends to tie up before heading to Zangermarsh. I hear them Orcs in Hellfire Citadel have been causing a ruckus. Someone should to them...about that.


Nakama said...

Fer serious, you either need to roll Alliance on Blackhand or let me know what server you're on so I can roll a hordie DK there.


Kusamoto said...

Dude...I posted my Alliance toon in the Swift Sword...Tsanuri, remember?