Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekly Update

Better late than...oh...never mind.


I wasn't able to polish off Blood Cauldron like I wanted to this weekend. However, I did manage to get the Uldaman achievement. Only a few more to go for classic DM. And guess what? That was solo, baby! Yes, for those of you unaware, Uldaman is soloable now. You no longer need 3 people to summon the stoner at the end. I was amazed at how expansive Uldaman was. I actually solo'd it twice, since I'd mistakenly left the instance in error and had to go back after everything had reset. Oops. Oh well. I filled up every bag I had with AH loot on it, too. I've never had that many auctions running at once.

At some point this weekend, I'm going to go take care of Sunken Temple solo and see about getting Scholomance out of the way, as well. I really want the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement and the phat loot that goes with it.


The reason I even attempted Uldaman was because I was in Badlands farming Mithril for the Armorsmith quest. Yes, I'm still doing that. I really don't like farming, so I've been putting it off as long as possible. Well, my mining is maxed out at 375 for the time being and I only have 1 or 2 blueprints that will give me bsmith skillups, so I really needed to get the Ornate Mithril plans for the quest. So, I bit the bullet and started. In about an hour, I had 30 Mithril and some of my new guildies from Demon Knights are going to be shipping over whatever they can find, too (bless their demonic little hearts). Only 200 or so more to go...ugh.

Other than that, I finished off some more quests in Terokkar and got the sprirt wolf's head on a stick, then went on over to help the demoralized horde forces in Nagrand. I still deperately need some new bracers. The valor ones are looking pretty shabby next to my Outlands gear.


Tsuri's now at 65, still specced as a tank, still a walking human shield. I had 3 63 mobs pounding on me for a good two or three minutes when I wasn't looking, and when I came back, one of them was dead from my passive damage talents and throwing himself on my Mithril Spike. I personally had taken a whopping 500 damage. O_o

I also hopped on Tsanuri for a short while last Fri night and got her up to 13. I had forgotten how easy early leveling was. For those who have been too busy with the cooking dailies to work on a brand new alt, here's how Tsanuri's leveling has been going...

Tsanuri: Hello big, weird world! Hm. I'm apparently a goat. Well, that's going to limit my wardrobe options. Wait, who's that?

Boored-looking Draenai functionary: Hello. I'm very glad. To welcome you. To Azuremist Isle. *yawns and pulls out a pen* State your name.

Tsanuri: Uh...Tsanuri?


Booming Godlike Voice: You have reached Level 2!

Tsanuri (while hitting the deck): What in the name of the 7 Hells was that?!

Functionary (eyes barely open): Oh. Yay. W00t for you. I'm. So happy.

Tsanuri (still on the ground): Can I help you with something? What precisely are you doing here, anyway?

Functionary: I am the official Introductory Questgiver of the Draenai. Unfortunately, there is no room for advancement in my current job, the pay is barely subsistance-level, and you won't miss me after you've gone 20 feet down the road.

Tsanuri (gets up): Oh...well...why don't you put in for a transfer or look for another gig with the Blood Elves or something? Why stay?

Functionary (showing peraly whites): Dental.

Tsanuri (nodding sagely): Ah. yeah, hard to find a job with decent benes these days.

Functionary: Speaking of which *flourishing pen*...what class have you chosen to follow for the betterment of the giant galactic...whatever?

Tsanuri: Huh? Oh...Shaman.


Godlike voice of happiness: You Have Reached Level 3!

Tsanuri (shooting lightning bolt into the sky from behind the boulder she is using for cover): STOP THAT!

Functionary: Very well. *scribbles something on a rune and hands it to her* Take this to the old gnarled goat inside the totally incongruous spaceship behind me. He will give you your MOP-4 suit for HazMat cleanup duty. Welcome again to Azuremist Isle. NEXT!

Tsanuri (taking rune): HazMat duty? Like...industrial waste and stuff?

Functionary: More like radioactive and gene-altering. But it's perfectly safe. Please move along, you are holding up the line. NEXT!

*Tsanuri walks off, loking at the Rune in confusion. Meanwhile, the 30-deep line of paladins, warriors, priests, and druids moves slowly toward the functionary's desk. Slow dissolve*

This weekend:

I should head back to Nagrand and power up to 66 or 67 with Tsuri, but I'll probably do more Valentine's stuff, instead. I really need to quest in Nagrand for the gold and rewards, though, so I'll probably head back on Sat or Sun. I'd also like to get Tsanuri up into the 20s so I can head to Stormwind and quest there, as well. Blood Cauldron is still an option, as well as Scholomance and Strat.

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Nakama said...

Whenever you're on, feel free to hit our Vent and say hello. Also, my hunter is 26, so I'd be glad to run alongside you! :) I just need to know when Tsanuri is on! ;)

We need warm bodies in the guild, badly, especially a shammie, so I'm sure someone on could help you level up quicker too! :)