Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thanking all the mobs I had to kill...

In the spirit of the Academy Awards®, Tsuri would like to thank the following entities for getting him to Northrend:

• Durn the Hungerer
• Moth Larve (dey go squish real good-like)
• 3,467 Murlocs
• An indeterminite number of Kobolds
• Ditto Helboars
• The Venture Company
• The Scarlet Crusade
• The soon-to-be-extinct Talbuk (mmm...tasty)
• Drunk Ogres

Additionally, Tsuri needs to say thanks to everyone in Demon Knights for the assistance, encouragement, and allowing him to wash all their Kodos.

Last but not least, special thanks go out to:

Boblynop, who saved Tsuri's ass from Hillsbrad through Hellfire and has been a constant quest buddy (and decent human being...err...Blood Elf).
Vampireshade, one of the more fun hunters I've quested with.
Ashfist, 'cuz the undead need to stick together. Solidarity, brother.
Zuedama, who was constantly reminding me why questing was important...even if she's a bit OCD about it.
Androctonus, for cooking up all those Talbuks and Clefthooves, and generally pushing me to get in the game.
Revannsi, for escorting me through the tough stuff yet knowing when to step back and let me do what I do best (rawr, smash!).
Nagiken, for the leather stacks and general amusement.

OK, enough thanks. Time for stats! Y'all will probably remember the first pic...Pic #2 is the, I guess...

Wow...what a difference an expansion's worth of content makes. Huge sta increase, damage is almost doubled, 10K armor is awesome.

Now I need to get out of this pretty pretty pally princess armor and into some stuff that more fits my MO.

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