Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When Loot Filled Bags Aren't

Dear Blizzard,

We have now defeated the toothless horseman 8 times between our 2 80s. We have received one (1, I, uno, eins) Loot Filled Bag that actually has loot in it. On behalf of the rest of the Corps, I would like to suggest the following name change be made to the Loot-Filled Bag immediately (please select the one that seems most appropriate to you):

  • The Bag that Sometimes Contains Loot, but Mostly Just Irritates the Commander-in-Chief
  • The Bag That Glitches Your Interface Causing You to Crash Out
  • Moth- and Lint-Filled Bag
  • Bag of Justice Points and Continental Frequent Flyer Miles
  • It's Just a Bag, it Doesn't Have Anything In It. Please Don't Email Us Anymore

Or, as an alternative, you could actually have something show up in the Loot-Filled Bag, even it's only marginally useful, so that players have some sense of accomplishment. Candy, pumpkins, toothpicks, a rock (a la Charlie Brown), anything, really.

We appreciate the Justice Points, we really do, but getting all excited over a boss' stuff, only to find it totally empty, is anticlimactic at best, downright annoying at worst. We appreciate your taking the time to read this and make any appropriate adjustments.


Gen. A. Kusamoto

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