Monday, December 15, 2008

Another big weekend...

Well, me and Tsuri had another immense weekend of wreaking havoc on poor, hapless fauna in Azeroth. But before we go into that, a word from our antihero...

Tsuri: "Mmmmm! Mmmph!" *gesturing wildly at helmet* "Mrrrrmmmmmpphhhh. Mrrrrmmm...Grr." *stalks off making labored breathing sounds*

I mean seriously, who was the design consultant for some of this stuff? Have you ever seen a one-piece solid plate helmet that covers the entire face ever? In any culture? And my god, it's ugly. The stat bonuses are the bomb...but it looks hideous.

That's right, I said plate. Dinged to 40 over the weekend after a frustrating 4-5 hours PvPing in Warsong Gulch to get the 30 marks for the Trinket of Duty. I think I'm done PvPing for awhile, too. Tired of dealing with Gnome mage twinks. We did, however, finally take care of the giantess princess in Arathi.

And in other news, I caused a party wipe in Scarlet Monestary. Hooray for me. My daughter woke up from nap early and, rather than just hearth out mid-instance in the Cathedral (which I thought would be extremely rude), I set her on my lap to watch us play. Unfortunately, her head was right in front of the chat window and I didn't see everyone scream "WAIT!" before I provoked the boss and his 25 friends came swarming from either side of the Cathedral where I didn't see them before. /facepalm

Made for an interesting conversation with my five-year old, though...

The Spawn: "Is that you?"
Our Hero: "Yup. In my superugly helmet." *shoots arrow into big nasty*
Spawnling: "Oh." *pause* "Who are they?"
Rotting Corpsefolk: "Those are the Scarlet Crusaders...they' guys...yeah..."
Cutest Spawn Evah: "Oh." *another pause* "There sure are a lot of them..."
Soon-to-be-dead-again Warrior: "'re right." *tapping every cooldown and AoE in arsenal and dying very badly* "Shit."
Bored Spawn: "Oooh. That looked like it hurt. Are you dead now?"
Guilt-Ridden n00b: "Uh...yes...exteremely. So's everyone else..."
Happy Spawn: "Yay! Let's play Princess Barbie!" *runs off into living room screaming 'Princess Barbie! Princess Barbie!'*
Pretty-Pretty Cadaver: *typing* /p sry guys...gtg crossdress for my daughter for a bit..ttyl

Also, 2 acheivements down for winterfest, 10 to go...w00t...

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