Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm a Real Boy

Just a quick post to update...

Thanks to Thug'mol in Alterac, Tsuri is now almost entirely covered in plate; just need the legs. Granted, most of them are lower-level green plate, but still better armor and stat bumps than the blue & green mail I had before (and I even was able to smith the shoulders and gloves...yay for me).

So legs next, a replacement for the cloak, and another trinket. I almost feel like a real WoW player, now.

Question for the masses: Feralas or Stranglethorn? Which would be better for mid-40s fast leveling? Am guessing Feralas, but needed an opinion other than my own...


Kelmar said...

STV has quests from 31 to damn near 50. I would start with STV just because there are some low level quests you could blow through like Nessingwary's that are really close together.

Now, I LOVE the look of Feralas but unless you have questhelper do it after STV and Tanaris.

Tanaris should be after your STV foray. It has a lot of kill 10 foozles and a pirate cove where you get 3-4 quests done really quick.

Are you on a PvP server? If so, it changes my opinion.

Kusamoto said...

Nope...SiverHand. All PvE, baby. Wanted to actually have time to enjoy the game instead of getting ganked by Alliance griefers ;)