Friday, December 5, 2008

Nose to the (level) Grinding Stone

So I have to admit that I'm digging on the Arathi Highlands as a leveling grinder. The quests all give very good loot and cash, as well as some insane amount of XP on completion, and the mobs in the area are all giving me about 200-500 XP a shot. Basically, with typical quest runs in the area, I'm leveling after about 15 quests or so. I dinged 35 last night with 4-5 Arathi quests, a few random Orc and troll quests, killing stuff, and the BFD quest I had completely forgotten about that netted me...drumroll...3650 XP and a better weapon! OK, better damage and no sta boost, but I'll take that for same speed and 10 more damage.

The one that's going to drive me up the wall though is the Blacksmith quest to make 4 Bronze Warhammers and 4 Bronze War Axes. Farmed for about 45 mins to find all the tin and copper (22 each!) I needed for the hammers, and now need 28 each to farm enough for the Axes (/facepalm). Oh well. Gives me something to do while I'm waiting for my peeps to show up. I hope those Iron shoulders are worth it. Looks like I'll need to head to Stonetalon/Durotar/Hillsbrad for more copper/tin. I'm surprised Durotar isn't covered in strip mining scars as many times as I've farmed copper from there. It should look like the tailing pits in Globe, Arizona by now.

Speaking of my peeps, Instigator (Bob) asked me to pass along that he's trying out ret for his 30-something pally for the first time ever and loving it (as I knew he would). He soloed BFD about 1/3 of the way in before getting logged. *sniff* They grow up so fast.*eyeleaky* Nice to know that between the two of us, we can quest fairly effectively with me tanking and him filling the DPS/healer role if necessary. Now if I could just get my Demon Knight buds and his crew on at the same time for once and we could go do some serious burnination...

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