Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Winter's Veil

OK, less of a downer this time. I hope everyone had a good Christmas/Hanukkah/Boxing Day/whatever and got everything you wanted (or at least what you deserved).

I got a couple of very good books, neither of which would I have bought on my own. I highly recommend Stephen King's latest short story compilation, Just After Sunset, simply for the first story in it, Willa. I've always said that Herr King is a much better short story writer than novelist, and this book is no exception. I'll also post a quick review of Patton's Panthers: The 761st Armor in Europe after I've read it. The 761st was one of the few all-black tank companies operating in the European theater of operations in WWII under the command of Gen, George S. Patton, Jr., and turned out to be the third most highly-decorated American company of the theater (with two other Patton companies ahead of them). I've always thought the 761st was kind of a footnote to history and no more, but apparently they were in the middle of a number of important engagements in 1944-45, including Patton's breakthrough of the Siegfried line and push into Czechoslovakia. Must educate self.

WoW news...My mechanical Greench is da bomb. It's nice having a lvl 58 "pet" running around helping me polish off some of the more difficult quests I've been beating my head against for awhile. Unfortunately, I only have one charge left. Sad Panda.

Lastly...what's with the Alliance folks wandering into Booty Bay and killing everything that moves? It's irritating, especially when you have to sit and wait for questgivers to respawn. I could understand if it was a Horde city, but it's neutral, right? So how do they gain? Or are these just adolescent griefers? See it's stuff like this that turns me off to playing

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