Monday, December 8, 2008

Tsuri's Long Weekend

Wow, lots of stuff happened this weekend. Not the least of which was Arizona beating Arizona State to earn a trip to the Las Vegas bowl. Go Cats!

In WoW news, Tsuri is now at level 37 about to ding 38. I've already got two pieces of plate (helm and bracers) just waiting for the magical 40. I rolled on two new zones and decided I didn't much care for either; Wetlanbds and Desolace. Wetlands are low level, so none of the mobs give me any XP worth writing home about, and there are Dwarves everywhere. I hate Dwarves. Nothing that small should be able to take that much damage and live.

Desolace, on the other hand, has a ton of really good quests and higher-level mobs that are great for grinding, not to mention a bunch of Iron and Mithril nodes. The main issues I have are the intricacy of the quests (8-step chains? Gurg?) and the fact that everything is grey. OK, I guess it's called Desolace for a reason, but still, can we add a splash of color? I feel like I'm at work staring at my grey cube walls, grey floor, grey walls, grey ceiling, and grey people when I'm running around. However, it does make me quest that much faster just to be done and get the hell back to Arathi.

Now I had posted last week about those blacksmithing quests: I take back everything I said. They're time intensive, but when I finished the last one and saw 8k XP roll up, it was all worth it. I have another in the chain that takes a ton of iron, but hopefully that will be another big XP boost when I get it. I did hit Artisan in Mining, too, which is as far as I can go with the mining trainers I've found so far. Now if I could only do something with all that mithril I've mined...Oh, and if you're on Silver Hand and want to donate some iron to the cause, hit me up. I'll gladly craft some good greens for you in return.

Finally, it was with great sadness that I resigned my officer's commission in my old guild, AbraCaStabYa. I had worked with a fair amount of abandon to get us up to 10 members, which I did as of last weekend, and was quite happy that we were a real, honest-to-God guild. Unfortunately, no one is ever on, including the guild leader, so I was spinning my wheels trying to get it up to speed without any support. Happily, Bob and Ash were more than happy to take me in, so I am now a proud member of Demonic Bane, which makes sense since I run with them more than anyone else right now (including my rl friends whom are usually logged off by the time I get on at night).

So yeah, busy weekend. We're going to roll on the doublecrossing Princess of the giants in Arathi tonight, methinks. I'll let you know how that goes.

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