Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Asshattery Abounds

So, I don't want to seem like I'm copying off Herk's notes, but I figured I would post this just as a word of warning to everyone regarding a particular individual I had the misfortune of PUGing with last night. He was a lvl 62 Death Knight named Zombeh on Silver Hand. I don't know his other handles and, frankly, don't care.

So Bob, Ash, and I are tooling around last night and decide to see if we can find a few more people to polish off the remaining 2 SM instances. Bob sees another one of his guildies on and invites, but we still need a dedicated DPS'r. Shortly thereafter, we are introduced, much to our misfortune, to Zombeh.

Now, a quick word about power leveling instances with high level characters doing all the work: I don't like it. I never have, not since being rushed through Diablo II oh so long ago. The entire point of playing the game, to me, is to play and enjoy myself. If I die, so what? I'll res and try again. But, everyone else in the group was ok with it, so I went along. Besides, I was only running SM for the 2 quests and some better gear anyway, right?

But first, I had to go to Durotar for turn-in for the brutal armor quest in Sen'Jin (not for the armor, but for the 4k XP), which was admittedly time consuming. In the middle of this, the 3-week old that now lives in the spare room decides she needs to be fed, so I have to go in and grab her and mom the chuckwagon and make sure they're ok. I sit back down at the box to see a note from Mr. Zom saying, "Make up your mind, guys. I haven't got all day." So I explain the situation and say if he doesn't like it, too fricken bad. I then get summoned to SM, where the next thing he does that ticks me off is challenge me to duel. OK, I'm a 30-something warrior tank. You're a blood-spec'd DK. Put your schlong away and let's do some business. I decline.

Now we're inside, and he announces that DKs aren't that good at holding agro, so he'll pull everything and just wipe it quick. Um...level 62 vs 30-something mobs? Can't hold agro, huh? Okey-dokey. Basically, this means I'm following right behind him when he pulls half the instance to take care of the stragglers with Bob, if we can (while he's telling me to "stay back," which I am not about to do with trash running in all directions and then after us).. Naturally, about halfway through, this strategy backfires and Bob, who is the only member of the party who can res, gets wiped by 4 half-dead mobs that ran from this moron while I was trying to keep the other 3 half-dead mobs off the mage.

When dear Zom sees this, he immediately launches into a diatribe about how we don't know how to tank or play pallys and that Bob should still be alive and I should have gotten the mobs that swarmed him first instead of the mage. After all, he's been playing for three years and has 70+ of all classes and knows how to play the game.

This is about where I explode. Look, I may not have been playing the game for years, but I know my job. I'm the damage magnet and priority #1 is to keep the cloth-wearers alive because the pally/shaman/druid can take a helluva' lot more damage than they can. It was not our fault that he pulled every bad guy within a 20-block radius to him and then didn't seal the deal. Ret pallys are awesome at being able to do that, not blood DKs, so it was obvious where his main experience had been before he got teh new shineez.

Finally, he told me if I thought I could tank better, than I could bloody well do so and he'd stand back and do nothing. Since I was through having "fun," I decided instead to hearth back to ogrim and he could lick me. Bob, Ash, and I then proceeded to head to Arathi to quest, where we had 10 times as much fun as we had with asshat.

It's funny this happened right after Herk's asshat post. I didn't really believe people like that played this game. I now know better, and I will never roll with this prick ever again, under any circumstances. I hope he likes his Timmy the Power Gamer character. It's probably the only friend he has.


ArmsandFury said...

I am just having bad experiences with Deathknights in general :(

Runthrough are best done by RL friends imo.

Also, I aggree with you. Unless it is the upteenth time I have done an instance and I just need a gear upgrade... playing through the instance is much more fun.

For example, when I first started on Horde side, I had never done WC. I had a lot of fun doing it on Herk even though Kel was doing AQ40.

Kusamoto said...

Exactly. I mean we bought the game to play it and have fun playing it, right? I mean, seriously, do you really need 6 sets of Rugged Spaulders? How much fun is it to just hang back and do nothing while someone else plays the game for you? it isn't, and it defeats the purpose of spending time online and money for your subscription.

Now, having said that, I do run people through RFC just to give them an intro to instances, but RFC is the bunny hill. RFC is also my main moneymaker these days, since there are so many green drops that can be AH'd or straight vendor sold for quick cash.